Power Start Workshop 2021 Materials

Week 1

  1. Welcome to the workshop. In Week 1 we will start with an overview of Tableau and learn how to do some basic chart types. Mostly we will be following the Week 1 Workbook linked to below. You might want to have it available for reference, but mostly you will be following along with the instructor. For sure, you will want to download and have available the Week 1 Dataset on your computer.
  2. More on pie charts (do they really “subtract from knowledge in the world?”)
  3. Assignment: Download this Makeover Monday dataset and create 1) your choice of visualization and 2) Likert bars showing results. Upload visualizations to your Tableau Public Account.
    (Google “Likert Chart Tableau,” Good Post, Good Video, Another Good Video)
    (Original Visualization, Makeovers, Top 5, Viz Review Webinar)

Week 2

  1. This week we are going to primarily use a dataset that ships with Tableau (the World Indicators dataset under the Welcome Page’s “Saved Data Sources” header on the left). We will begin by building on the basic chart types we learned in Week 1 and then extend. Our focus will include:
    • Mapping
    • Data Table analysis
    • Filters (static and interactive)
    • Calculations
    • Grouping
  2. Assignment: Let’s look at the Makeover Monday 2/8/21 challenge dataset here. To get inspired, here is an hour-long YouTube Stream working with this data and here is the VizReview session of submissions for the week.
  3. Optional: Itching to grow your Tableau muscles a bit more? Try your hand with this dataset while following this workshop workbook

Week 3

  1. This week we will continue to build on the chart types and techniques learned in the first two weeks. Additional topics to be covered include:
    • Messy Data (data cleaning and pivoting)
    • Building and sharing dashboards (for best results, make sure you have a Tableau Public account in order to publish your dashboard)
    • Story Lines
    • A brief look at Tableau Prep (included with your Tableau Academic License)
    • Best practices for keeping a project notebook and file naming conventions.
  2. Possible datasets that we might use this week include:
  3. One of the biggest challenges in learning Tableau is actually not figuring out how to use Tableau to make a chart, but what the names for the different chart types. To help with this challenge, we will look at two great resources: The Tableau Chart Catalog and The Tableau Financial Times Chart Catalog.
  4. Call to Action: Join the Tableau Community and continue your journey using the resources listed below!

 General Resources:

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